Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let's Talk About the Marathon!

Have I ever told you guys how amazingly awesome the post marathon high really is?   You're depleted, exhausted, taxed physically and emotionally, but dang…You're high on life!

  We over post on the FB and Insta, we tell our friends/family how sore we are in attempts to get more questions about said marathon, we limp in public so we can tell people we just ran a marathon, we try and get everyone we know to sign up for one,  and WE immediately start researching the next one.   

It's pretty fabulous.  Really.  

Ps-  Have I ever shown you guys my adorable medal plaque/hanger/display thingy?  Etsy.  If you're addicted to medals like me, you're gonna need one of these.

We headed to the expo on Friday for packet pick up.    The expo was pretty organized, per usual.   However, we arrived about an hour after it opened and they were already sold out of the Columbus Marathon zip up I really, really needed in my life.  Come on Columbus Marathon, you gotta be more prepared than that.  #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.    No seriously, I do.

Here's my running wingman and I.

Ummm….I failed to mention that my right ankle swelled up like that of which belonged to a 400 pound man on Friday.  I kid you not.  It was bizarre.  No pain.  Just a huge ankle that screamed "don't run the race!" every time I looked down.

This was me all weekend…neon slippers and a compression sleeve.  Hot stuff, no?

The weekend was a flurry of birthday parties at my casa which made it all fly by.  Next thing you know, it's Sunday and somehow my ankle miraculously resembled one that belonged to me!

Race day began like any other race day.  If I'm a betting man, I got less than 3 hours of sleep on Saturday night.     This is primarily due to the fear of oversleeping.  Oh and this is all despite having two alarm clocks set and  runner friends who would likely burn my house down if I'm late when the ride comes.  Nothing unusual here.

At 3 a.m. I got up for the day and immediately soaked in this.

I did this while sipping on my first drink of the day which was a combo of 1 scoop of Spark/ 1 scoop of Rehydrate.  

Next thing you know, my clan pulled up and I found myself downtown awaiting the race, wearing this...

Wait for it…….


Laugh if you may, but truth be told we were the warmest fools and stars of the the start line.   If you're a new runner, Goodwill for throwaway clothes is where it's at.  Seriously.

At 7 a.m, I drank my Runner's Cocktail (all prepped and ready to go) and took two 02 Gold.  

Once again, the start line was amazing.   Thunderstruck by AC/DC blaring as usual, tons of fireworks, just amazing energy.

By 7:35 we were off.

Splits and Fuel:

Mile 1-  8:52
Mile 2-  9:00 (we had to make a quick pit stop..long story)
Mile 3- 8:23
Mile 4-8:22
Mile 5-  8:36

Took a Rehydrate around 5.5 

Mile 6- 8:17

10 K split-  54:03, average pace- 8:28

Mile 7- 8:29
Mile 8- 8:31
Mile 9- 8:17
Mile 10- 8:15
Mile 11-  8:58

Took another Rehydrate somewhere along here.

Mile 12-  8:39
Mile 13-  8:32

Half split  - 1:53:18, average pace- 8:37

I ran with my wing man pictured above and we were pacing great.  However, she started having some serious GI distress, which is what was responsible for the pit stop at mile two.  I felt horrible for her but she is one of the toughest cookies I know and somehow trudged on.

Mile 14-  8:29

I took two more 02 Gold somewhere around here.

Still feeling great.  Still happily moving forward.  

Mile 15- 8:32
Mile 16- 8:47
Mile 17- 8:46

My friend with the GI issues was in severe pain. Another running friend (who wasn't running the race) found us.   I told her to go with GI friend and catch up to me.  GI friend is FAST.  Long story short, her issues were worse than we thought.   However…she finished when she probably really should have stopped.  Seriously.   And she finished in 4:01, despite multiple stops.   Right?   Amazing. 

Anyway, back to the splits….

Mile 18- 9:03 (boo!)
Mile 19-  9:04
Mile 20-  8:48

20 Mile Split-  2:54:37, average pace-  8:54

Mile 21- 8:39

Took a final gel around here in hopes of a final push.  Yeah, no bueno.

Mile 22- 9:12…Starting to die a slow death. Send help. Please.  Right now.   No end in sight.    What sane person pays money to do this?   
Mile 23-  8:58-  Back under 9's. Praise SBJ, yet still dying. 
Mile 24-  9:35 (!!!)
Mile 25-9:58 (!!!)   Dying.  I can't do it.  Dying.   You people on the sidelines are so lucky. 
Mile 26- 9:27

And within minutes, I kinda can't wait to do another.  

Official Time-  3:52:59
Average Pace- 8:54
410 out of 2478 females
70 out of 415 females in age group

As you can see, I started to slow down at mile 19.  Things got mental and I knew I wasn't going to run a 3:45, which made me sad for a hot second.   Then my legs  became filled with lead, I was having trouble getting my breathing steady, and it just was HARD.  And I kinda wanted to die.  And I kinda wanted to tell everyone I was never doing this again.   Nothing unusual here.  

But let's be real…this is what it's about...

The beautious, glorious finish line… the moment we live for.

I'm technically happy with my time.  But let's get down to biz…. marathoner's are crazy.  And for some reason, we're always feeling like if we didn't PR (personal best, for the newbies), then we somehow didn't run a real race.

Last year I ran a 3:49.  This year I added a couple minutes onto that time.   Do I wish that didn't happen?  For shizzle.   Did I run my heart out and give it my absolute all?  Absolutely.   The thing is, we just never know how it's all gonna go down on race day.  The stars could align beautifuly and you finish with the Kenyan's.   Or, you can feel like you've never ran a mile in your life just a couple miles in.  It's a scary thing.  Which is what makes it so ridiculously awesome.

You guys know me well enough to know that I'll be signed up for another marathon in a hot second.    Stand by for that.

Congrats to my friends who ran this race, ran miles with me, and gave it their all.   You're all amazing.   And to you readers of this little bloggeroni, thanks so much for all of the support on the FB and Insta this weekend!   I loved it and appreciated it more than you know!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts and A Couple of My Fave Advo Girls...

Stealing my girls' Thursday Thoughts  button for just that..some Thursday Thoughts.   How about some Thursday Thoughts in question form, nonetheless?

  She steals my Sunday Sentiments on the reg, so we're all good.  

My mind kinda needs a break from running so how about some everyday randoms.   Again, in question form, because that's a little more fun.

1.  Does anyone ever feel like this?   Like this right here exactly?    This right here?  Exactly.

Why is showering and getting ready so much hard work and manual labor?    Staying on the couch with no bra, slippers and a glass of vino is just so much more relaxing, fabulous, and easy.   You can't deny that you know what I'm talking about.  

2.  Why can't I stop posting videos on the Insta?   I mean, all of mankind has been doing this for years and suddenly I get the bug and boom!  I suddenly think you all need to know about my latest water drinking dilemma, amongst other things.  

3.   Who else is pumped for these?!?!

Dude… Everybody knows that everybody loves #allthepumpkin.  And those folks at Advo corporate aren't fools.  They know if they make pumpkin, the pumpkin people are coming.    If you need these like myself and the rest of the world, order them now because I assure you…. They WILL sell out.   The holiday release stuff always does.   #facty  

4.  Who else is in to get buff, fabulous, happy, and energetic before Thanksgiving?!  You..  Yes you are…. Next group 24 Day Challenge starts in dos semanas….(that's two weeks if you weren't the Spanish club prez like me.)   

Can we please look at my friend Lauren, who started her journey with just this…the 24 Day Challenge????

Exactly.    I mean…Hot sauce, with an extra side of hot sauce, no???

And how about my girl  Niki???   Her team is joing us for said challange.    
Double the fun!

Right?  Did I mention that she legit just had her third baby like yesterday?   She's a huge product user and is now back in the gym after the new bambino.     I know, it's kinda not legal to look that hot this early in.  It's not.  But I love her so I can't be mad.

What I'm trying to say is that, we're normal people.  Just real moms who have the same crazy physical and emotional struggles as the rest of you.    We are.   We try our best to work hard and love these products.

So yeah.   In summary…join in on the party.  You won't be sorry.  

See ya'll back here at some point this weekend for the playlist!

Laters Babes.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Healthy "Fro Yo," The Playlist, Holiday Prep, and a Shoe Obsession.

Morning Sunshines!

First of all, it turns out you guys are even more awesome than I thought.   I can't begin to thank you  for the support and kind words from this weekends' bloggy post.      Some of you have been reading this blog from birth and it felt good to fill you guys in.     

From the pointy part of the bottom of my heart…  Seriously…Thank You.  

So let's get down to bizzz….

1.  Apparently I'm running a marathon and throwing two parties this weekend.   Can you believe that I actually had family pictures scheduled on top of this?  Who DOES that?!?   Thank goodness that a little birdy told me to seriously simmer down and reschedule those bishes.  And I actually listened.    Because only a certifable person would schedule pictures on top of it all.  Even I know this.

2.  You guys need to try this.   Today.    This is straight up lifted from socalrunnergirl's Insta and it's straight up delish.   It's also so easy that the little one practically  made it.   I mean???  3 ingredients?  Mmkay!   It's also somehow mysterisouly satisfying on a sweet tooth emergency.   

3.   We had a packed out weekend of soccer, a football game, shopping, and shoe buying.  Is anyone else addicted to slip on sneaks? I legit can't stop.

Am ps-  I the only one who texts my friends when I shop?   A 10 minute text convo in the shoe aisle on why to buy what is totally normal.  

This is what you'll look like in said slips…. Calm, cool, skinny, collected...

4.  The big one celebrated her birthday, which has apparently turned into an 8 day celebration.  Not even kidding.  There is no end in sight.    Good thing she's kinda awesome.  

5.    Five days until 26.2 and mamacita needs some new songs for the playlist!  Whatcha'll loving right now?    As always, I'll post the whole list later in the week so you can get ideas too.    Help a sista out.

6.   My next group challenge starts on Monday Novemember 3rd!    Why not get prepped for the holidays and actually feel a little lighter going in?   Guaranteed you'll make BETTER choices during the holidays as a result.  

Allow me to share thy ways in which this is a fabulous date to start…

A)  Halloween and candy eating season is ovahhhh!   
B)  What an amazing kick start of health, wellness, and going into the 5 week stretch of gluttony that we call Thanksgiving through New Years.   And if you're me, that extends into my birthday…which is RIGHT after New Years.
 Don't go into the holidays feeling gross.  Don't do it.   You'll be so behind the 8 ball come January and you're gonna hate that.  Trust me.  
C)  We END the challenge the day before Thanksgiving!   The timing couldn't be more perfect.   The plan is to have a little splurge on Thanksgiving and get back on track the next day.
D)  You'll get tons of support from my private FB group.  This is a group of around 700 people that I developed for my product users, my team, and their peeps.   You can print grocery lists, see specific instructions, ask questions, the whole 9 yards.  Trust me, you can't do a challenge alone.

So commit and join us!   Message me with Q's at advocarerunner1@gmail.com or reach out to my team!!

Countdown is on!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Divorce…. Yep, we're going there.

I've always tried to keep it somewhat real on the bloggy and I've had numerous questions here and there for quite some time pertaining to where the baby daddy has been.     Some of you know, some of you clearly don't, but we're divorced.  

But we're all okay.   I've had this post typed up for quite awhile but never felt quite right hitting the"publish" button.    These days, it feels okay.

Lucky for me, I've got a great baby daddy who is an amazing dad and still a huge support person in my life.    And really, he always will be.   This I know for sure.   Just like any other divorced couple, we've had our hard times, but at the end of the day, we still always have each others backs.    And in all honesty, that's why I think our kids have done so darn well in the grand scheme of things.  

Not that I wish divorce on anyone but the bottom line is…positives do come.

1.  You learn survival skills.  You figure things out without consulting anyone else.  Ya just do.   And that's a really empowering thing.    It is.  

2.  You learn quickly who your real friends are, which is actually a great thing.    Your real friends check in on you with phone calls and texts on the regular.  The others think divorce is contagious and disappear.    Hold those real friends tight and don't be bitter towards the disappearing friends.   We never know what can happen in this life and someday the disappearing friends may unfortunately be in your shoes and the good thing is, you'll know exactly how to support them.    And they'll love you for that.  

3.  Time for self reflection and self healing.  Again, an empowering thing.   You've got time to reflect on you,  what went wrong, how to become better, and basically figure out what makes you happy.

4.  You somehow become a better parent.   When you share parenting and see your kiddos 50% of the time, when you have them…it's on.  Like DK.   You're focused and somehow more laid back and somehow more productive and well…everyone has a little bit more fun.    A positive that I never expected.

5.   It's not all sunshine and roses but it's kind of nice having a house to yourself on occasion.    Not gonna lie.  Old school rap blaring while doing chores makes the household stuff much more bearable.

6.   It gives you thick skin.     Let's face it, divorce comes with a stigma.   I used to really worry about what others thought about me in general, long before the divorce.    However, at the end of the day, it's really none of my business what anyone else thinks of me, the baby daddy, or our situation.   It's just not.     And really, I just don't care.    

My homeboy, Joel Osteen, rocks when it comes to this.   His words on "Knowing What to Ignore" have resonated with me numerous times.   If you've got an extra 25 minutes.  Watch this.  You won't be sorry.  I promise.

7.  You form new bonds and friendships.     You connect with people who've experienced similar situations that you may have never crossed paths with.    Old high school and college friends who have gone through similar situations come out of the wood work.     It's a positive.   

8.  You don't have to hide your nut butter, you can freely crank your heat to 105,  you don't have NFL network on all day on Sundays, and you can eat a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter for dinner, straight from the jar.
Sorry baby daddy…I couldn't help myself!

But yes, to answer your Q's.  We're all doing okay.   It hasn't been all sunshine and roses but on a scale of 1-10, I'd put us at a solid 8.5 and to us, that's more than good enough.

See ya'll back here tomorrow and we'll lighten things up!  

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Taper

Ahhh….it's here.  The taper.  Remember last year when I kept getting caught running during the taper?   Oh and I kept complaining about not being allowed to freely run more than 3.5 miles in peace?     Yeah, I'm totes doing that again this year.   Basically teetering on the rules and complaining about this dumb taper.   Such a love/hate relationship.   

So…let's talk about the taper.  

Here's the deal.   It's hard.   You're all jacked up and ready to run and ready to try and kill your race so you can post that shiz on the Insta,   take your ice bath and really, just take a big fat nap and eat some chips and queso and be done with it all.     Oh and post the chips and queso on the Insta too….   (ps- Am I predictable or what!?…I'm almost bored myself!  yawn…zzz….)

 But the taper rules are all serious and strict.  You get scared and anxious and somehow convince yourself that you're going to get a stress fracture in all four limbs plus a concussion if you go one mile over your training plan during taper.   But then you do because you're a nut job like me.  And really, it's just a big crazy mind game and you just want the marathon here.

I can't deny that I break a couple taper rules.  
 However, this is what seems to work for me.

1.   Food.      Our bodies are used to burning a ton 'o calories from all of this running.  Suddenly, we simmer down on the running but the appetite doesn't.  It's a hard balance to maintain but I try really to be consciencous on healthy food choices during the taper.  It's easier to be lax when you're running a zillion miles a week but it's a little different when you've still got the same appetite but aren't burning near the calories.      I typically go into a marathon a little heavier than my non-training weight.  Interesting, no?   About two weeks post marathon, it's gone.    Whoever said marathoning makes ya skinny is lying.   It must be those same people that say they forget to eat.  

2.   Vizualize.     It sounds hokey but I'm a huge believer.  Take the  time to visualize how you want to feel during the race.  How do you want to feel at the finish line?   Visualize yourself AT the finish line crushing your goal.    If you're healthy and have put in the training time, the choice is yours.  It is.  

3.   Get your affairs in order.   Make sure you're running shoes have low mileage on them, yet they're truly broken in.   I prefer about  30-40 miles on my race day shoes.     Make sure you're fully stocked on gels or your fuel of choice.    Start stalking the weather, figure out your outfit, figure out the logisitics of race day.   I'm serious.      The last thing you want to be worrying about on marathon-eve is where you're parking or where you're meeting your friend from high school who is randomly in town to run the race.   Trust me.   We have the logistics planned out days if not weeks in advance.  

4.    Live your life.   If there is something fun that I wanna do during taper, I do it.     Remember last year when I had my 20 year high school reunion practically the night before?   Yeah, this year, I'm throwing not one but TWO birthday parties the weekend of the marathon.  That's just how I roll and really, it's all good.   If I sit around too much, it's almost like I lose my marathon nerve, if that makes sense.    And really, that's no bueno for me.  

5.  Run!  Don't go crazytown but if you feel like running, go for a run.  Not a 20 mile run and don't go clocking 5 minute miles…but run.    Keep the legs moving.      I won't run the day before but I almsot always run a few miles the Friday before.   It's kinda my ritual.  

So yeah, the taper.   It's here.  Love it or hate it, it's all part of the marathon shenans.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Shenans… Howza bout 8 of em?

Care for some Friday Shenans???

1.   I'm beyond pumped about eating fried cheese on a stick at my hometown county fair next week.   Wish I were lying.  #biggirlinanormalbody

  2.  Is it just me or should we be scared about the constant threats of this being the "worst winter ever?" I mean…???   

3.   I feel like #runnerdog needs a giant dog friend.   I kind of want a white #runnerdog so I can legit have Ebony and Ivory and they can be BFF's.   Don't worry, I'm not gonna do anything stupid.    But it's tempting.  Not gonna lie. 

4.  I'm kinda obsessed with pumpkins.  More than normal.    And reportedly, Aldi, yes the grocery store, is practically giving them away.    Big giant ones.  Big giant orange ones.   For a dollar or something crazytown like that.  So clearly I'll be investigating this within the next 48.

5.  I couldn't help it any longer and finally gave in to Stitch Fix.  Pretty sure this is gonna change my life and make me fabulous.   And put together.   24 hours a day…365 days a year.  My hands were tied.  

6.   You guys kinda made my day yesterday when I was all sad and burned out on running and you basically told me that you understand but to "buck up, buttercup."    Mentally and physically feeling much better today  and have decided to take a couple days off running.    Planning 8 miles for Sunday so I should feel nice and rejuvenated by then.

7.    As much as I love Halloween, I really hate that candy corn is in my face and up in my grill round the clock.  I absolutely love that shiz and have determined that it's almost worth getting real #diyabeetus over.  Is that bad? 

8.   I'm absolutely loving… 
1. The Advo SYS skincare stuff, even after only 8 days of use.  I'm serious.  Review to come.   
2.  That Younique mascara that everyone is raving about.   I posted about it on the Insta a few weeks ago and promised some pics which I'm hoping to get up this weekend.  It's the bee's knees.  I'm cereal.    3.   The new Advo tanks that my boy Anthony  sent me.    Also hoping to get some pics up this weekend.    

Hope you all have a fabulous fall Friday!   

Laters Babes.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Running Woes… A Real Buzzkill

You guys,  my running is wearing me out.  In summary,  I've kinda been looking like this lately.   Like Homer Simpson in this exact picture.   Right here.  Exactly.  I'm serious.   

 I also look like this lady.  Right here.   I do.  

And then at night, I basically look like this….

Unlike this gal, who is clearly even more of a hot mess than me,  I take a shower first.  

So yeah, the marathon is 17 days away and I'm just tired.  And busy.  And need to complain.

Let's discuss my problems….

***I've had a touch of runner's knee and have been doing some exercises to try and correct it.   However, it strikes when I least expect it and not even necessarily on a long run.   I feel myself favoring the opposite knee, which is really not good either.    So that's irritating me.  Big time.   

***This move has kind of sucked the life out of me and I'm finding myself cramming in miles whenever I can.   No bueno.  The last couple of weeks, my running has felt more like a chore than my endorphin inducing drug of choice, which is what it usually is.  

***My last 20 mile training run was rough.   I didn't get good sleep the night before and well, just felt like crap.   Numerous times, one of my running friends literally had to tell me to keep going and that we were NOT stopping.   I'm generally a very tough cookie and I honestly can't even tell you the last time something like that has happened.   I typically just won't let it.  Mind over matter.   But this time I did and I hated that.

***I'm starving and basically have the hunger of 10 large men all day, errday.  Now… deep down, I know this is par for the course at this point in training when you're logging this kind of mileage.  But...I'm ready to not be starving and get back to eating like the dainty, delicate flower that I am.   
And……THAT. was funny.
 Just kidding on the delicate flower part.  We all know I'm a haus.  Training or not.  At any rate, I'm a legit haus right now.  I just wanna get back to being a normal haus and not a legit one.  

***I'm just burned out.  I'm bored.  I'm already hating the taper and it just started.  


Let's discuss the positives….

Enough of my problems.   Fortunately, this isn't my first rodeo so as always #dontcryformeargentina and deep down, I know that #thistooshallpass.

The Good:

***We had a great 12 mile run before the sun came up today and it was just under tempo.      I felt good for all 12 and that made me happy as a clam at high tide.  

***I have awesome products right at my fingertips to help in my recovery.  I do.  I couldn't live without my Post Workout Recovery,  Omegaplex, and Joint Promotion…just to name of few.

***I've had these exact feelings before many 'o races and then promptly said "Hollah! When's the next one?!?" upon crossing the finish line.   The running woes are temporary.   They are.

***I'm signed up for some trail races, which I'm super pumped for.  Mainly because they feel fresh and like a whole new challenge.  So yes, that is making me happy.

***I'll cross that finish line and there won't be anything else in the world that matters.  Because really, that's why we run marathons.      It's all right there.  In that amazing moment of accomplishment, emotion, knowing that you can trust yourself to set goals and actually chase them, just the overall feeling of bliss.    It's coming.  And that's what makes it all worth it.

Feeling better already.

Stay tuned for some Friday Shenans!  

Thanks for listening, friends.  Love you long time.  I do.